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1stCred is a Complete Credentialing Solution Designed by Us that Benefits All of Our Clients

1stCred is a proprietary SaaS-based application, expertly designed to streamline our payor enrollment and customized reporting needs. We built 1stCred to meet the needs of healthcare providers ensuring that the complexities of credentialing never stand in the way of an efficient workflow.

1stCred Features: User-Friendly, Secure, and Compliant
Our 1stCred software is intuitive and comprehensive – an application that streamlines our work, increases accuracy, and improves timing, with salient features such as:

  • A cloud-based platform
  • Automatic imports of CAQH provider profile data
  • Multitenant architecture
  • User-friendly workflows
  • Effortless project management
  • One platform, multiple locations
  • Customizable reporting

1stCred Stands for Quality and Efficiency
As credentialing professionals, we have firsthand experience with all that makes the physician payor enrollment process unique. We created 1stCred because we know which hurdles need to be overcome in order to operate smoothly, and our software tackles even the most complex and labor-intensive tasks with ease. Though it is currently used only on an internal basis, 1stCred was expertly tailored to improve functionality for:

  • Physicians
  • Medical groups
  • Credentialing companies
  • Hospitals
  • Medical billing companies
  • Ambulatory surgery centers

Free Consultation

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Our credentialing experts are here to help you assess exactly which solutions you need to put you on the right track. 1ˢᵗ Credentialing includes payor enrollment for all insurance networks. Don’t wait another minute, contact our team today!

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