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Aetna will cut back on ACA plans by 2017

Aetna has announced that it will only offer individual Affordable Care Act exchange plans in just 4 states starting next year, with hopes that this will help cut their losses financially. The ACA exchange plans will only be accessible to those in Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska, and Virginia.  This cuts Aetna’s total nationwide outreach by 70 percent. Humana and United Healthcare have also said they plan to cut back their ACA plans nationwide by 2017. With three of the biggest insurers condensing their exchange plans, thousands of Obamacare members will be left without insurance. Aetna said they would like to see an improvement with the federal risk adjustment program, which is supposed to offset losses on members with high medical costs, before introducing their ACA plans into other areas again.

Providers not in the states listed above need to be aware their patients will be dropped from their plans and need to go back through the exchange to gain coverage with another insurance company.

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