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After the CAQH Upgrade: What’s New & Better

With the upgrade to CAQH ProView, you may find yourself asking, what’s new? CAQH has listened to feedback from the providers and come up with features that make the system more user-friendly and address issues that have been roadblocks in the past. Some of the new features you can look forward to include:

– Self Registration — no more waiting for a payor to initiate your file and issue you a CAQH ID#, you can start the process yourself!

– Documentation Upload — no more printing, filling and attaching documents to fax into CAQH, only to wait three-five days for those documents to be loaded into your file. You can now upload documents in two separate places. This can be done under the data field (i.e. a DEA certificate can be uploaded right under your entry of your DEA#) or you caFen go to the documents page and upload it all right there.

– Documentation expiration tracking — that’s right, CAQH ProView will now allow you to load your document and enter an expiration date that will notify you when a document is expired. No more second guessing if your documents are current in the attachments section.

– Document Deletion — if you ever tried to remove an old document from a CAQH file that was incorrect or duplicated, it was like an act of congress. Now you can simply click the delete button and away it goes.

– Multiple States — do you have a provider that practices in multiple states? The old system would only allow you to assign one state to the provider’s file, but now, you have the option to list the provider as active in multiple states. This will also allow you to pull your provider’s printout in the various state standardized formats.

– Multiple Credentialing Contacts — this may be my favorite. Do you have a credentialing contact for your office, another one for your hospital files and a third for your moonlighting gig on the weekends? No more confusion about who to contact for what. Not only can you load multiple credentialing contacts, you can assign which one is responsible for which location. You also have the option to list your primary overall point of contact for credentialing. This should help cut down on confusion as to who gets what, especially when you are re-credentialing and have multiple practices/locations.

These are just some of the most useful new features we have found. While they are still working some kinks out from the upgrade, overall you can expect CAQH ProView to be more user-friendly than before. The links below will allow you to review the CAQH ProView Provider User Guide or Quick Reference Guide. 

For more information, you can contact 1st Assistant Credentialing Services at our website or by phone 512-201-2668. 

Provider User Guide:

Provider Quick Reference:

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