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Physician Compare Update

CMS has released the 2014 Physician Quality Report System and the 2014 Group Practice Report Option.  You may view the report through Physician Compare Downloadable Database. The database will also include Medicare quality program participation for the individual eligible professionals and their demographic information.

In fall of 2016, a portion of the individual and group practice level 2015 Physician Quality Report System and Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and System will be reported to Physician Compare.

What does this mean for you? Eligible professionals and practice representatives will have a 30 day review period of all the reported measures to Physician Compare. The public will be able to view the report during the 30 day review period. If the information is not contested during, this time, all information will continue to be reported as it stands and no corrections will be allowed once the review period is over. This means your information will remain incorrect in the CMS Physician Compare system until the next review period.

In order to participate in the review period, the eligible professional and group representative will need to register for an Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) account. Once you sign up for your account, Physician Compare will send out updates letting you know when the review period will begin.

For more information visit Physician Compare or contact the Physician Compare Support team.

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