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Recredentialing Requirement for Mississippi Medicaid

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This spring, Mississippi Medicaid enrolled providers must revalidate their credentials with the Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM).

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all state Medicaid agencies to revalidate all providers’ enrollment at least every 5 years. This revalidation requires that providers:

  • Verify or revalidate information on their provider file.
  • Complete and sign a new provider disclosure form.
  • Complete and sign a new provider agreement.
  • Comply with any other state request as part of the revalidation process within the required time frame.

DOM notification letters are being distributed to providers who have been enrolled with Medicaid for 5 or more years on a staggered basis. The letter initiates the process with each provider and contains all revalidation instructions as well as the required due date.

Note that while these initial notices are targeting providers who have been enrolled for 5 years or more, revalidation dates are being set for newer providers that have less than 5 years of enrollment.

Failure To Revalidate With DOM Can Affect Network Participation

Providers must revalidate through the DOM Envision web portal. If the revalidation process is not completed by the due date specified in the notice, Medicaid enrollment will terminate and the provider must reapply.

But that’s not the only consequence of missing the revalidation date. Providers who are also enrolled with the MississippiCAN coordinated care organizations of Magnolia Health and United Healthcare Community Plan will have their enrollments with these organizations terminated if they don’t revalidate on time.

Take These Steps Now To Prepare for DOM Revalidation

All Mississippi Medicaid providers must:

  • Verify their address information on file with DOM is correct. Check your address to make sure that you receive this important revalidation notice. Letters will be mailed to the “Mail Other” address on the file; if blank it will be sent to the “Billing” address. If necessary, complete the Provider Change of Address form available on the Forms webpage.
  • Register for access to the Mississippi Envision Web Portal. Electronic revalidation via the portal will streamline the process. Register at and click on “web registration” in the User Login section.

You can find more information at this Mississippi Division of Medicaid news bulletin.

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