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What is Physician Credentialing?

Physician Credentialing is more than just forms to fill out. It is an intricate, ongoing process that is needed so you may continue seeing patients in the office or at a facility. If your credentialing file is incomplete, reimbursement for services rendered can be delayed or even denied. Credentialing does involve many steps and important deadlines, but it critical for you and your practice.

Credentialing is a verification of your medical schooling and experience to obtain hospital or facility privileges, as well as joining a health plan as a participating provider. After the initial credentialing process, you will be required to send any updated information as you receive it and go through recredentialing every two to three years, depending on the health plan and facility. This process is beneficial for everyone, from the facility, health plan, the provider, and the patients. For the facility and health plan, they need to validate that the provider receiving privileges and a participating status is qualified and verified through a standard procedure. You, the provider, benefit from credentialing because you will be going through the same process as every provider in the system and will be able to trust your colleagues and fellow providers on the health plan. The real benefit is for your patients who can trust that their provider is experienced and was verified by multiple organizations.

1st Assistant makes your credentialing a top priority. We will always complete, file and follow up on the applications you request with accuracy and in a timely manner.

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