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Provider Medicare Enrollment: The PECOS System


The Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS) is an alternative to paper applications when health care providers and suppliers want to enroll in Medicare.

Through PECOS you are able to:

  • Submit and track the status of your Medicare enrollment applications
  • View and update information
  • Complete the enrollment revalidation
  • Withdraw from the Medicare program

PECOS has many advantages over the paper Medicare enrollment application. The process is faster and paperless, including an electronic signature feature. Using the PECOS system gives you more control over your enrollment information and allows you to update and check your information easily.

Note: Even if you are enrolled in Medicare, PECOS may not have a record of your enrollment. This could happen if you have not submitted a Medicare application to report changes to your enrollment information since 2003.

PECOS Resources

CMS PECOS Website. Visit the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website for a complete introduction to PECOS. This website also contains links to helpful webinars and “how to” guides for many enrollment and other general processes.

PECOS Information for Physicians and Non-Physician Practitioners. Here you’ll learn how to accomplish preliminary requirements for enrolling via the PECOS system, including how to obtain a required National Provider Identifier (NPI) number and how to register in the Identity and Access Management System in order to gain access to PECOS.

PECOS Provider-Supplier Fact Sheet. This basic overview takes you through how the system works and the steps to becoming enrolled in Medicare via PECOS. Provider and supplier organizations are defined and links are available to the alternative paper enrollment processes. Included at the end is a table with handy links to other important resources such as a list of Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) and a how-to guide on managing your Digital Document Repository.

FAQs for Providers and Suppliers. These comprehensive questions and answers cover topics ranging from gathering the information that you need to enroll in Medicare to revalidation requirements and how to submit reportable events. You’ll find the same table at the end of the FAQs with links to valuable and relevant resources.

Video Tutorials. These helpful videos demonstrate many PECOS enrollment tasks, including how to do initial enrollment, change of information and revalidation. The tutorials are easy to follow and use actual screen shots to help guide you through each process.

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