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Introducing New 1st Cred Software

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1st Credentialing is excited to announce our new proprietary software product 1stCred!

This sophisticated, comprehensive credentialing software has been developed BY credentialing professionals FOR credentialing professionals. 1stCred contains complete processes for payer enrollment services.

1stCred Features: User-Friendly, Secure and Compliant

You will see that 1stCred is a system that “gets you”! Our software is intuitive and comprehensive – an application that will streamline your work, increase accuracy and improve timing.

Here are a few of the salient features of 1stCred:

  • Easy to use cloud software

  • Automatically imports CAQH provider profile data

  • Multi-tenant architecture supports credentialing agencies and physician practices

  • Secure storage with stringent access controls and detailed audit logs

  • Standard compliance reporting and alerts

  • Custom report generation

  • Custom-built workflows to help track and manage enrollment processes

  • Reminder notifications for upcoming renewals and other alerts

  • Automatic populating of provider profile data to various payer and hospital forms

  • Agent time tracking

  • Electronic signatures

Stay tuned for these additional upcoming features that are under development:

  • Real-time integration with CAQH.

  • Real-time integration with external systems such as PECOS & Availity

  • Payor and provider integration using blockchain technology

We would be happy to show you how 1stCred can help you with your credentialing tasks. Please email Heidi Henderson at for an overview and demo.

Let Us Manage All Your Payer Enrollment Services

If you require payer enrollment needs for your practice or medical facility, please contact 1st Credentialing. Our experienced and dedicated specialists will provide all credentialing and enrollment services quickly and will monitor your account for ongoing updates and re-attestations. Our sales team is eager to meet with you and discuss your payer enrollment needs. Please call us at 512.201.2668 or contact us via the website.

Complimentary Consultation Available

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