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PECOS Update Brings Enhancements – But Is Not Completely Implemented


PECOS, the Provider Enrollment and Chain/Ownership System, implemented Release 7.37 on June 30, 2019. The scheduled release will help bring efficiencies to Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) and those providers who use PECOS.

 PECOS is an electronic portal for physician Medicare enrollment. Through this system, providers can:

 ·         Submit and track Medicare enrollment applications

·         Update enrollment

·         View and print enrollment information

·         Complete revalidation

·         Voluntarily withdraw from Medicare

 Enhancements in PECOS Release 7.37

 Enhancements to the PECOS interface in this new release include these updates:

 ·         The user name of the person submitting the application will be displayed.

·         PECOS will match the new 855R form changes.

·         E-signature access links will be displayed on the home page in the “helpful links” section.

·         An MDPP location will no longer be allowed to be associated to an organization code of a recognition status that is no longer active.

 One Change in Release 7.37 Causing Delay in Data Flows from PECOS to the Multi-Carrier System

 One small aspect of the new release that concerns changes to existing and new group reassignments is causing problems. As a result, data flows from PECOS to the Multi-Carrier System (MCS) for these types of changes are delayed while the issue can be fixed.

 As of July 16, 2019, those specific data flows are being tested.

 During this testing period, internet-based PECOS applications may continue to be submitted as well as paper applications. 

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