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CAQH Proview FAQs

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Do acronyms make your head swim? CAQH is the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare and ProView is an online provider data-collection system. ProView streamlines the process of collecting provider data by offering one standard electronic form that satisfies the needs of almost every health plan, hospital, and other health care organization.

CAQH ProView is really a timesaver over paper submissions. The system helps eliminate redundant processes of collecting provider demographic information for various functions including credentialing, claims administration and directory services.

Frequently Asked Questions about ProView

FAQs, of course, stands for Frequently Asked Questions, and at our company, we are often asked these puzzlers about CAQH ProView:

  • How does ProView help my practice? Put simply, ProView simplifies the credentialing process and at the same time helps health care providers increase their compliance with the organizations’ requirements.

  • Can anyone use CAQH ProView and how much does it cost? First of all, ProView is free for use by physicians and healthcare providers. All health plans may use ProView and other organizations that perform credentialing functions on behalf of health plans may also use it.

  • How do I start with ProView? You can register for this system here. You will also be notified if a healthcare organization notifies CAQH that you need to access the database. You will use your CAQH provider ID and password to access the system.

  • Once I am registered, are there any other required actions to stay active? You will have to review and authorize data every 4 months, but you should make changes to your record any time there are updates or changes.

  • How can CAQH ProView save time for my staff? For example, if you have to change your practice telephone number, instead of communicating this change to all health plans and insurers separately, just update your ProView profile and all participating organizations will receive the change.

Learn more at this CAQH ProView Help page and at

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