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Payor Enrollment Mistake #4: Actively Manage the Process and Provide Prompt Response

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Be the Best Customer Service Representative You Can Be

This may sound odd, but the best advice we can give after you submit your payor enrollment application is to be the best customer service representative you can be.

One of the most common mistakes we see medical providers make is submitting a payor enrollment application and think the process is over. On the contrary, after submitting a payor enrollment application, the process has just begun.

In many ways, submitting a payor enrollment application is comparable to applying for a mortgage. The application process is not just about filling out an application. The process includes providing a variety of supporting documents, legal verifications, and licenses.

Just like applying for a mortgage or a refi, it is inevitable that additional documentation or clarification is going to be required. Just assume this to be true.

Since it is inevitable that additional information and clarification is likely to be required, we recommend being proactive. Think of yourself as their customer services representative; and what do good customer service representatives do?


Don’t sit back and wait. Be proactive and reach out after submitting your application. Ask if there is additional information that is required. Yes, you may to sit on hold for 30 minutes; but it is well worth it because the person reviewing your application will appreciate it and become your advocate.

Now, when they do ask for something, be prompt and communicate. If the requested information will require time to collect, let them know. Communicate and communicate often.

By being the best customer service representative you can be, you are able to directly impact and fast track your payor enrollment application because people naturally respond to and prioritize the people that help them and make their lives easier.

To learn more about the payer enrollment process and the mistakes to avoid, we recommend reading our blog: Avoid the Top 9 Enrollment Mistakes and Checklist.

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