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Welcome to the New Year

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I can’t believe it is 2023 and a New Year. We hope you had a fun and festive holiday break.

At 1st Credentialing, we want to help you make 2023 a positive and fruitful year by reminding you of the Top Three credentialing and administrative tasks medical practices need to monitor and prepare for:

#1 Credentialing Expiree Dates: Make sure to review each of your re-credentialing dates to determine when the approved application expires. Time sneaks up on you, and it is best to get started with the renewal process early.

#2 Watch for Changes in Patient Medical Providers: Each year, many companies and their employees change or update their medical insurance plans and providers. These changes may impact the primary medical insurance providers your patients are enrolled in and may impact your annual credentialing and application process. Because of this, you may need to credential with the new plans that have come to your area.

#3 Proactively Update CAQH & The Supporting Documents In Anticipation of Delayed Approval Times in 2023: Since the pandemic, insurance providers continue to struggle with staffing. We expect 2023 to be the same. Staffing challenges are resulting in slower than normal processing times. Reviewing and proactively updating CAQH and your supporting documents will help improve accuracy and completeness, which will help avoid additional delays during the review and approval process. In 2023, accuracy and completeness will be essential to insure a smooth and quick approval process.

Our team at 1st Credentialing passes along their best wishes for 2023. If you have any questions or need assistance with your credentialing needs, we are here to help.

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