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Common Telehealth Questions

Question and Answer Series

  1. Is a purchased address or PO Box okay to use?

    • TeleHealth providers need a physical address but this can be an address that is with a private mail company that allows you to use a physical address instead of a PO Box. You do not need an office location, just a street address.
    • Your physical address should be in the same service area as your requested enrollments.
    • PO Boxes are not allowed as a physical address but can be used as a separate mailing address if needed.
  2. Can I change my address?

    • You cannot change your address during the application process but we can update your address after the application is complete.
  3. Can I use my home address?

    • We do not recommend using your home address as it will be listed in the online provider directories with the insurance companies.
  4. Do I have to be licensed in each state where my patients reside?

    • Yes, you must be a licensed provider in the state where your patient resides.
  5. Can I have a hybrid of a physical location and telehealth practice?

    • Yes, you need to use the same address as a location for both the in-person and the telehealth claims that go to the insurance company for payment.
  6. Do I have to practice at a physical location at all?

    • Insurance and state requirements vary. We will not know the answer until you’re in the credentialing process.
  7. Do I need to be credentialed in each state where my patients reside?

    • Only if you want to be in network with payors in that state.

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