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PECOS IS GETTING A FACELIFT! Faster & Easier Application Process — Coming Summer 2023

The simplified application process in PECOS makes it easier to create applications, and track their status. Now, applications are automatically:

  • Tailored based on your application reason, only showing what is relevant to you
  • Pre-populated using your existing Medicare information
  • Enhanced capability to add or delete group members
  • Checked for errors and validated as you go
  • Tracked, with real-time status update

Watch this 2-minute video or read these FAQs to learn more!

Revolutionize the Enrollment Process
The new design will include a robust Knowledge Base with extensive content to help answer questions about enrollment, how to use all the new features, and much more.

For more information, visit Introducing PECOS 2.0.

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At 1st Credentialing, we strive to make the Payor Enrollment process as simple and easy as possible for our clients. To learn more about 1st Credentialing, please visit our website or join our Facebook group, Credentialing Talk, where we discuss all the latest credentialing trends and news.

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