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Terri Lynn Davis

Payor enrollment and primary source verification expertise.

Terri Lynn Davis has credentialing expertise in payor enrollment and primary source verification services. As the Credentialing Director for 1ˢᵗ Credentialing, she provides nationwide services for a variety of healthcare providers, suppliers and facilities in numerous specialties.

Thanks to her more than 15 years of experience in credentialing, Terri Lynn knows how to take the complex and difficult task of credentialing and make it a smooth and seamless process for 1ˢᵗ Credentialing clients. Never satisfied with the status quo, she reaches for superior levels of excellence by simplifying processes, improving standards and providing educational opportunities whenever possible.

Customer service is Terri Lynn’s top priority and her proactive expertise resonates with her clients. Terri also shares her knowledge and experience through a variety of webinars and conference presentations. Participants in her classes benefit from her practical credentialing tips that help drive improved payor enrollment outcomes. Terri Lynn holds a BS in Health Care Administration with a minor in Business Management from Western Kentucky University.

Our Team

Founder / Principal

Heidi Henderson

Heidi Henderson brings more than 25 years of leadership in the medical field to the skilled performance of billing, credentialing, and practice management responsibilities.
Sales Director

Hali Seidel

Hali is an expert at identifying the needs of practices, IPAs, and hospitals. This allows for the right service offerings at the right price which leads to a successful partnership.

Ashley Caruthers

For more than 15 years, Ashley has worked her way up in the credentialing field starting with the basics as a Credentialing Assistant.
Credentialing Manager

Valerie Albert

Expert at implementing and streamlining credentialing processes.

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