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Our Top 7 Reasons To Outsource Payer Enrollment


If your staff is spending more and more time taking care of enrollment requirements for Medicare and Medicaid participation, as well as private insurance, you may wonder if there is a better way.

Yes there is! It pays to outsource payer enrollment and medical credentialing tasks so that you and your staff can focus on what you do best – provide excellent health care services.

Here are our top 7 reasons to outsource payer enrollment administration and let the experts at 1st Assistant manage these functions:

  1. Fewer enrollment data errors means that you’ll receive your insurance payments faster.
  2. You don’t have to train any of your staff to keep up with the burdensome work of enrolling with multiple payers and keeping those enrollments up to date.
  3. Your staff won’t get bogged down with repeated follow-ups, phone calls, faxes and emails for those endless submissions and re-submissions.
  4. You’ll be freed from staying on top of new or changed CAQH and CMS requirements.
  5. Your staff will be freed up to focus on other administrative support like billing and collections.
  6. You won’t have to hassle with medical credentialing or payer enrollment management, freeing you up to focus on building your business.
  7. Both you and your staff will save hours of frustration and substantial paperwork tasks. This is a real savings not only in time but also in actual costs.

We are the experts! When you outsource provider enrollment, all necessary credentialing tasks will be taken care of including repeated follow-ups. Not only are our processes more efficient, but all enrollments and re-attestations are handled promptly and accurately.

Credentialing is our only business and our services are exceptionally cost-effective. In fact, using 1st Assistant for your provider enrollment and medical credentialing services costs less than paying full-time employees, plus benefits, for the same job.

Let Us Manage All Your Payer Enrollment Services

If you require medical credentialing and payer enrollment needs for your practice or medical facility, please contact 1st Assistant. Our experienced and dedicated specialists will provide all credentialing and enrollment services quickly and will monitor your account for ongoing updates and re-attestations. Heidi Henderson, our company owner and President, is eager to meet you and discuss your payer enrollment needs. Please call us at 512.201.2668 or contact us via the website.

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