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5 Ways to Protect the Privacy of Your Medicare Enrollment Info


It’s estimated that fraudulent and improper Medicare and Medicaid payments total approximately $65 billion dollars annually. Keeping personal health and professional information secure is essential. If you use the PECOS electronic Medicare enrollment system you can protect your private information from identity thieves who want to use it to defraud the Medicare program. With PECOS your private information is secure because only you, authorized surrogates, authorized CMS officials and MACs may enter and view your Medicare PECOS enrollment information. CMS does not disclose your Medicare enrollment information to anyone except when authorized or required by law.

Increasing Security

You can take the following additional steps to protect your identity and privacy:

  1. Log in to PECOS several times throughout the year and review your Medicare enrollment information. Make sure your information is current and accurate and that there are no unauthorized changes. If you see changes you did not submit, report it immediately.

  2. Change your password in the I&A System before accessing PECOS for the first time. You must change your password every 60 days.

  3. Store PECOS copies and paper applications in a secure place. Limit access to the storage place and be careful not to leave copies out on your desk or in the photocopy machine.

  4. Enroll in electronic Medicare payments. CMS requires all providers to use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) if enrolling in Medicare, revalidating or making changes in their enrollment. Using EFT ensures that Medicare payments will be deposited directly into your bank account.

  5. Keep your Medicare enrollment record up to date. Log reportable events promptly. These include: change of ownership or control, changes in practice location or banking arrangements, final adverse legal actions.

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